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To ensure the availability of your data, to support the growth of your business, to meet a need for local storage or very high availability, an IT technical room in your company, in your buildings, will meet all these needs and even more.

Data-Z will help you to design and realize this IT Room perfectly adapted to your needs. And if you have already made its design, we can reassure you about the design and just as easily achieve it for you.


The technical or economic reasons for choosing a cold corridor are not lacking.

Thanks to the intrinsic partitioning, the cold corridor allows a better control of the air flows and thus to reduce the energy consumption up to 30%.

And if your needs are limited to a few racks (one, two, three ...) you can count on Data-Z to offer you a choice of micro Cold Aisle to perfectly meet your needs.


Lack of space within your existing premises? Plan to move? Temporary extension?

Our autonomous technical shelter will provide you for sure all required capacity.


Energy distribution networks are not infallible, do not let them jeopardize the production of the company.

And if you want to be totally serene, you can opt for one of our maintenance contracts.


In addition to the simple installation of new cooling solutions, Data-Z will take care of the full maintenance and repair of the existing devices.

You can also simply contact us for a maintenance quote on your legacy devices.


From the smallest to the biggest, in any brand of the market, we will be able to find the right UPS for your needs.


Data-Z offers his knowledge, how-know and expertise in each electricity field/application.

Whatever the phase of your project (advice, consulting, design, coordination…) we will act with the highest qualification degree and professionalism.

Data-Z will realise back-up installation, main feed (high and low voltage) and will carry out any modifications or repair works on the electrical panels.


Technical failure on equipment mays always occur and create fire!

Data-Z will offer you a combination of detection and suppression suited for your required security level.

For already limited budget a full solution could already be offered.


Data-Z will carry out all cabling works such as LAN, Wi-Fi, Optical Fibre, Patching (copper and optical) and low voltage inside your IT room.

Data-z could also provide the full connectivity (LAN and Power) from IT room to the end users work place to make sure you get a perfect and reliable connection.


What is precious shall be under surveillance to be perfectly protected.

Avoid any disaster caused by unqualified people in your IT room and let us do the installation of combo pack surveillance and access control.


Take advantage of our presence on site to group all maintenance works: airco, genset, UPS, surroundings and small but various repairs…


Where Data-Z makes it secure, the rodent will not pass anymore.

Don’t hesitate to send us all your use cases.


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